Believe In Yourself & In Your Dreams!

Believing in yourself is the first step toward creating the life you dream of. This journal calendar will serve as your guide and motivator with positive affirmations, facilitating reflection, journaling, and unlocking your full potential to shape the life you truly deserve. Embrace your holistic wellbeing and inner power, trust your journey, and witness your dreams unfold.

Who You Are Is Magic!

Hello Beautiful Soul, welcome! I'm Siru Leinonen, a passionate advocate for personal wellbeing, growth, and empowerment. As an entrepreneur and author, I focus on creating impactful projects that reflect these values. Through my journey, and the ups and downs of life, I've learned the importance of self-belief, self-worth, resilience, and holistic wellbeing practices, which foster self-connection, self-awareness, and acceptance. Creativity has been my guiding light, helping me to express myself and to connect with others.

Now, I'm excited to share this journal with you, hoping to inspire you to believe in yourself and your potential, and to embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and fulfilment. Start creating and journaling the best life that you deserve with I BELIEVE IN ME 2025! Your support also directly empowers women in South Africa, making this journey even more meaningful! ✨


This journal calendar explores themes of holistic wellbeing and fosters personal and spiritual growth. It inspires self-awareness, reflection, motivation, and transformation, helping you plan and achieve success in 2025."


• Monthly Themes: Reflect and enhance your wellbeing.

• Vision Boarding & Affirmations: Positive affirmations to set and manifest goals.

Intention Setting & Positive Vibes: Cultivate a positive mindset and set clear intentions.

• Lunar Phases: Align with New Moon & Full Moon prompts.

• Planning & Journaling: Engage in tasks for growth and fulfilment.

Your Purchase Supports South African Women

Last year, I met inspiring friends from South Africa whose strength and resilience deeply touched me. Learning about the challenges they face, including significant inequality and gender-based violence, stirred a strong desire to support these incredible strong women.

By purchasing the "I BELIEVE IN ME 2025" journal, you are directly contributing to and supporting South African women. We are committed to donating 20% of the profits to the Callas Foundation, which provides vital services and support for women and youth in need.

Inequality & Gender-Base Violence

Women in South Africa face severe challenges from gender inequality and gender-based violence (GBV), ranking among the most affected globally. They encounter barriers such as underrepresentation in formal employment, low-wage occupations, and limited financial resources, exacerbated by educational and health disparities. GBV, with femicide rates up by 117% in three years, has spurred movements like #EnoughisEnough and #AmINext. Despite available support, many lack safe spaces. Legal and justice system inequalities heighten vulnerability, highlighting the urgent need for safe environments, empowerment, and sustained efforts in education, healthcare, independence and economic empowerment to ensure safety, equality, and empowerment.


    Award-winning African feminist and human rights defender, serves as the Executive Director of the Callas Foundation. Since 1999, her advocacy has influenced gender-based violence legislation and sensitized professionals to survivors' needs. She began her work at the Saartjie Baartman Centre and collaborates with Ilitha Labantu and the 1 000 Women Trust. Caroline's personal experiences drive her efforts; in 2014, she established Cape Town's first women's running club and supports programs promoting women's participation in sports and traditionally male-dominated activities in the Cape Flats.


    Elisabeth-Ann Smith, a retired finance professional from the Department of Health and dedicated teacher, continues to inspire at 60 as a relief teacher. She carries a legacy of leadership and service as the daughter of Chief Jack Olivier of the Kei Korana Royal House. Passionate about uplifting underprivileged children, Elisabeth-Ann has spent over 20 years implementing feeding schemes for the homeless, counseling victims of gender-based violence, and organizing youth activities. With a degree in Child Psychology from the University of Western Cape, she also conducts motivational talks, making a significant impact in her community.


    The Callas Foundation supports women, children, and men through community outreach, psychosocial support, and access to justice, aiming to dismantle gender-biased systems. While primarily focused on women, the organization values an integrated approach to address community challenges. Programs foster sustainable communities, offer prevention and response services for gender-based violence victims, and enhance food security. Strengthening family units is also crucial in combating Gender-Based Violence.

Our Commitment:

  • 11% of profits go to the Callas Foundation, supporting women through community outreach, psychosocial support, and access to justice. The foundation focuses on creating sustainable communities, preventing gender-based violence, and strengthening food security and family structures.
  • 9% of profits will support programs for underprivileged youth in South Africa, which Elisabeth-Ann is dedicated to supporting through the Callas Foundation's preventive measures.

Preorder Your Path to Empowerment!

By preordering the "I BELIEVE IN ME 2025" journal calendar, you support our launch and contribute to positive change for South African women. With 20% of profits going to the Callas Foundation, your purchase aids women and youth in need.


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